Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Roció. I was born and raised in Santa Monica, California. 

At 9 years old, I started making jewelry as a young child using plastic beads. I then found a passion for jewelry making. Later I began to use glass beads and then Swarovski crystals.

In my teens my father introduced me to gemstones. He had a passion for crystals. I then began to make jewelry using crystals. A few that I kept my father had designed. I then began Crystal Heaven.

On February 28,2021, my father passed away and in memory of my father, I started Crystal Heaven. I used crystals for healing to get through grief and heartache. I want to share healing crystals for those who are going through some type of loss. There is healing and you can get through grief or loss through crystal healing. As it has helped me along with my family, I hope you can find crystal healing, too!